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On today’s webinar, my guest Sal – or Mr. Wall Street – is going to show you how to make BIG profits in 2014 as a commercial deal “matchmaker.”

 Join me on this webinar where you learn from my expert guest:

  1. The “cocktail terms” you need to know in order to sound like a “pro” when lining up big commercial deals. These words act like magic keys that will unlock multimillion-dollar deals. Know them and you’re golden. Forget them (or never learn them) and you won’t be taken seriously.
  2. Why we’re facing a tidal wave of commercial foreclosures and how you can profit BIG from this opportunity without using your own cash or credit.
  3. The “Wall Street way” to be a commercial dealmaker… and why this is different from anything you’ve heard from any “guru” before.
  4. The 3 profit centers in almost any commercial deal and what that means for your pocketbook.
  5. How to qualify any commercial deal in 90 seconds or less. This simple “back of the envelope” formula will instantly show you how to avoid getting cheated by a seller, broker, or anyone else in a deal.
  6. How to find good commercial deals… and why failed building projects, empty malls, stalled condo developments, and bankrupt contractors can be potential goldmines.
  7. How to protect yourself from legal traps that destroy “newbies” in this business. PLUS… how to get professional-grade contracts that protect you from these traps. 

And much, much more…

Register for and attend today’s webinar to get all the details.

See you there!

Tamera Aragon

Tamera Aragon

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step.”

Dr.  Martin Luther King, Jr


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Here's what Sal's current students have to say...

"…I became active in residential real estate investing market in 2004. …Sal is one of the few who trains his students on what is working today … Sal trains his students to understand the commercial market and how to analyze deals so that the student does not waste their time… Sal works with his students to structure deals and if a deal does not make sense, he tells the student why it will not work so the student learns….

I have been a member of several 'Guru' training programs and have terminated most of them because they did not deliver the value …Sal’s program is one of the only …I am keeping for the long term"

Jack DeWeese
Ceder Hill, TX

"…The TEAM that Sal Buscemi has assembled …is considered Blue Chip. Dandrew has earned a respected name because of uncompromising results. Students and peers call their methods classic, but like a Rolls-Royce, they are still Best-in-Class."

Mike Switzer
Investment Manager,
DART Capital Group.
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