Don’t Quit!

never, never, never give up

Today I wanted to share one message – Don’t Quit!  That’s it. Don’t Give up. Wherever your at, whatever you are doing, if you have a dream or a goal and life that just might seem too hard today…  I am writing to tell you – Don’t quit!

I have placed three messages on this page below. Please enjoy the 5 minute excerpt from the movie, ‘Facing the Giants’ AND download to read, ‘Don’t Quit’ by Stephen Pierce, and a piece of inspiration from my friend Doug Ottersberg

Be Inspired…..


Download this pdf …and read it!
Don’t Quit by Stephen Pierce.

Excerpt from this free report…

“I understand where you are. But the worst mistake of your life would be to back out and quit.

Listen, nobody is exempt of having to build their business. Nobody is exempt of having to push through that launching pad. Think about a space shuttle on the launching pad.

The reason the space shuttle has those two extra boosters is because it takes more energy and more effort to get off the pad than it does to sustain itself when it’s in the air.

It’s just like that with business. It takes more effort, more work and more resources to get it started and get it going than it does to sustain it once you’ve created the momentum.

But unfortunately, most people give up before they even get off of the launching pad.”

Continue reading the full 9 pages here… ==> Don’t Quit Free Report


Watch this movie… Do Not Quit – The Death Crawl.

In this video a football coach teaches a valuable lesson about the limits we place on ourselves. And how important it is for you to NEVER GIVE UP as others watch you, as a leader, succeed!

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Please enjoy this mindset tip offered by friend, DougO. Doug Ottersberg is a lifelong entrepreneur. His depth of business and investment knowledge comes from hands-on experience owning a variety of businesses and investment real estate, along with a deep love of applied learning.

Have you ever felt.... “I’m successful at my day job but I’m failing at my new venture...”

Then you will want to learn this mindset Reset tip offered by Doug.

Sam had always been pretty good at most things she attempted, she was also great at her job, so when she was introduced to a money making opportunity, she figured “why not?”

After investing a lot of time and money, Sam still wasn’t seeing the rewards she felt she’d been promised by the promoter. She said she knew there were other people that were creating success following the same things she’d learned, so she’d concluded that she must not be cut out for it. “I’d better just quit, I’ll never get the hang of this, I’m a failure” she complained.

I invited her to consider shifting her perspective on the matter. “Rather than assuming you’re a failure, would it be more correct to say that you’re a person with many successes under your belt who hasn’t yet mastered this particular skill?” She hesitated, “uh, yeah I guess that’s right.”

I could see the gears turning, so I went on, “and what would happen if rather than assuming you’re failing at this new venture, you decided your results were just feedback telling you what changes you need to make.” “What do you mean?”, she asked.

I went on, “have you ever slipped on an icy sidewalk before?” “Yes, I’ve done that” she said sheepishly. I continued, “So did you conclude you’d failed at walking and that because of that you yourself were a failure so you should just probably hang the towel up on everything?” “Of course not, that would be silly,” she laughed.

“When you’re right, you’re right,” I smiled. “Whether you realize it or not, you implemented the feedback you got from the ice. You thought, hey, theres slippery ice on the sidewalk and adjusted how you walked. Perhaps you stepped more carefully. Maybe you grabbed some sand or salt and spread that over the ice. Maybe you got off the sidewalk and walked around the ice. The point is, you changed what you were doing and successfully got to where you were going.”

Armed with this new perspective, Sam proceeded to pay careful attention to what she was doing and tracked her results. She then considered what things she could adjust that would affect her outcome, and get her the result she wanted. By implementing one change at a time to and tracking her activities, eventually, she figured out what tweaks she needed to make to achieve her outcome.

Remember, there is no failure, there’s only feedback.

In closing, here are some powerful words from the man whose life displayed this "don't quit" attitude wholeheartedly....Winston Churchill left us with these words of wisdom:

“Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in, except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.”

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54 thoughts on “Don’t Quit!

  1. This movie is awesome I saw it 3 times and it feeds the winner side of me. Just like anything in life, as long as you keep at it. You will prosper…

    Thanks Tamera,

  2. Very inspirational messages. I love the mindset Reset tip. It’s an instant, tangible way to put things in perspective whenever those thoughts or feelings doubt creep in. Thanks Tamera.

  3. The Pierce article is inspirational. Seems to say something like “Don’t dawdle digging at the side of the tunnel, keep on moving toward the light at the end of the tunnel.” Feedback and helpful corrective action is good, assuming you can find out what will work better. “just feedback telling you what changes you need to make” is pretty presumptuous about what the feedback says you should do instead – maybe all it says is what didn’t work but doesn’t say what will work. Feedback doesn’t give you the resources to implement corrective action – you lost $50K on a bad business deal, sure next time you have $50K you won’t make that mistake again. That feedback doesn’t give you another $50K to gamble again. Success has to happen more than loss to reach the finish line.

  4. Hi Tamera

    just want to let you know that you are an amazing coach and I am so greatful for what you done for me. I thank u for the 10 days spent learning from you it was excellent thanks for the deposits you make in my life. .did you get my reply ? I am looking forward for the next assignment ! Hope you too get some quality rest


  5. Strange, it does not take a lot of intelligence to let it sink in. I guess it is your faith and persistence. Asad.

  6. Thanks Tamera. We hear this in abstract ways, but it’s great to see this message so plainly. Very simple — We have come so far already. Success is so much closer than we think. One decision to make: don’t quit.

  7. Hi Tamara,
    Great video, and pdf from Doug.
    I have never been a quitter, but I needed a boost past my frustrations to keep me focused. I too am having some roadblocks, but I’m determined to learn my way around them.
    I’m still in the learning phase. Thanks for your help.

  8. I find this video clip to be disturbing. “Don’t quit until you got nothin’ left” has put me into years of disability with health problems from overworking myself. Yes, I believe in giving one’s best effort, but no longer to the point of having nothing left healthwise to work with.

    Message #3 of changing what you’re doing is more reasonable approach for me.

  9. Awesome video, Thank you!

    Quiters never win and winners never quit.
    It’s your attitude not always your aptitude that will determine your altitude.
    What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve!

    We in life have to keep moving forward cuz if you ain’t then your going no where.
    It’s okay to start doing something even if you don’t have all the answers.
    What if Abe Lincoln would have quit, Dr.Martin Luther king, Nelson Mandela, and the Wright Brothers., to name a few.


    Go get em

  10. I love the no quit approach, I feel like if we all give it our all then the reward would be truly appreciated by more needs necessary. Words of wisdom, Determined to succeed no matter what.

    Thanks Tamera

  11. Thank you so much Coach,Mentor.
    I’m a total newbie and was wondering if I will ever make it.
    I have to learn new vocabulary with a paradigm shift.
    And this is just what i needed,so encouraging and inspiring
    Don’t ever quit
    If you do the same, you get the same.if you do different you get different result.
    So I choose to win

  12. I like the idea of Focused energy to get started. Also achievable goals are what I need to focus on.

    Thanks, Larry

  13. I appreciate the support and encouragement. But I submit it’s a bit mis-guided.

    The reality of life for all of us, that our efforts/time/money 99% of the time has to have some form and agree of ROI. We all assess ROI in everything we do whether, a diet, learning to play an instrument, a relationship or continuing to work a dead end job. Most will not continue doing something anything once it exceeds the potential ROI.

    To date, my wife and I have “invested” 1500+ hours, $40k+ on 5 different “gurus” over the course of 9 months and have yet to make a deal or make $1. Absolutely ZERO ROI. Would you continue……? Exactly how many times are you supposed to “invest” yourself into bankruptcy court??? 5, 10, 20……..50???! Really………? If you buy into this flawed analogy (video), I suppose 50 is not enough……..

    My wife and I have not quit…………yet.

    Best regards

    • I can appreciate your feedback Jim and am sure many agree with the failures. You do want to QUIT DOING THE WRONG THINGS WITH THE WRONG GUIDANCE and the WRONG PEOPLE. The message, however is spot on. Do not give up on your dreams! You can take a different path but keep the dream alive!!

  14. There is no such thing as failure! Only feedback! Put that feedback to use and keep trying until the goal is reached! That is the recipe for constant growth and success! Great post Tamera!

  15. I loved it!!! Don’t quit, believe in yourself. Learn from your mistakes. I plan to apply of this and I have to take this time to say that Thanks is not enough for this, but Thanks!!

  16. The video is excellent and your message as well. Just to let you know – I sent an email to but it fail to send saying that there was no domain.
    I need to beef up my website profile this weekend
    Thanks for all your help, Stephen

  17. Thank you Tamera for the best video I had seem in a long time. I have seem it before, but a refresh was what I needed.

    Talk soon


  18. Jesus speaks to me, “I will Never Leave You Nor Forsake You!” I am Reminded that the LORD leads and I walk in HIS Footsteps. Within this Path, of following My LORD & SAVIOUR, HE Will Place People of Encouragement… of Support… of Looking at things a Little Differently… and people who Lead By Example and never, Never, NEVER GIVE UP. Period!… just like JESUS Never Gives Up on Me! Blessings*SharonZ

  19. Thank you Tamera, very encouraging word, I did read your e-mail on don’t quit and watch video, great word wisdom I have to keep the momentum I’m not a quitter .God make us to be a winner not to quit. I saw this movies twice. I want quit on myself are you .my pastor always tell us you win if you never quit. so cant wait to hear from you again. Thank you so very much be bless. pat britton

  20. So, as I ease into 62 on 7/7; things always seem less important since My Family’s gone now. However, I’m still here with no fear of succeeding! ^-^ My new motivation is found in [Proverbs 13:22-25]! ^-^ Here GOD Teaches Us that YOur Successes are for the Future of Those coming after Us to not quit today! ^-^ My momentum and drive is to Leave that Legacy-in YESHUA HaMASHIACH’s; My MESSIAH GOD’s Name…I Claim & Proclaim success! AMEN! ^-^

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