Get Paid to Bring HousesThis really is The FASTEST and EASIEST way to Real Estate Profits! 

  • Are you looking to get started as a real estate investor?
  • Is cash and/or lack of knowledge keeping you from moving forward?

Now you really Can Get Paid  on real estate transactions without ever buying or selling a single property.

Here’s How…
Get paid a Finders Fee for referring real estate for sale to investors!

Not sure where to begin? All you have to do is find off market properties for sale by owners, (FSBOs) on Google (or anywhere) … collect some basic information from the owners… and share that information with investors looking for these deals.

It really is that easy.

Go here to learn about a system that pays you $1000 PLUS for every deal you find. Plus it comes with bonus training videos and a 30 day action plan for you to know exactly what to do .CAUTION! There are people who will tell you they will pay you and don’t follow through on that promise. You want to work with a reputable company of investors.

I have been paying property finders for properties for 9 years.

You can learn more about my system here:

Here are some common questions you might have about how this works:

  • How Much Money Can I Earn? You can earn up to $1000 per referral and there’s no limit on how much money you can make! Locator Gold pays from $500 to $1000 for each house you refer that we buy. It’s that simple!
  • What Do I Have To Do?  Simply follow the training to find and then provide leads for properties. While you’re driving to work, walking the neighborhood, or running errands, keep your eyes open for signs.
  • How Do I Get Started?
    To get started now, simply follow the 4-Step Process outlined below:
  1.  Learn more by watching this video.
  2. Locate Leads.  Find houses that are For Sale By Owner, For Rent by Owner or vacant. You can refer houses in any area, condition or price range. Ugly, run-down houses don’t bother us.
  3. Submit your Leads.  Complete the easy to follow step by step form with some basic lead information like owner name, phone number, address
  4. Get Paid!  Checks will be mailed (to the address you provided) shortly after we close on a house. Sometimes you may even receive a surprise check many months after submitting your leads. Once a lead is assigned to your name, it stays in our database until we buy the house or someone else does.
  • Why is this a great way to get started?
    • No money required to buy or sell real estate
    • Very little, (if any), risk
    • Easy to do from anywhere you have internet
    • Literally little or no skill required to get started.
    • Earn money to buy more profitable deals of your own down the road!
  • Who can do this?  Anyone with access to the internet! Getting paid to bring houses is not a scam or a scheme. It’s a training program and system that teaches you how to get paid to do some very simple groundwork for experienced investors who don’t have the time.

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To Your Success

Tamera Aragon

29 thoughts on “GET PAID TO BRING HOUSES

  1. Dear Tamera Aragon,
    I would like to purchase your Locator Gold program, system.I ve seen this opportunity offered by You just recently about 2 days ago.
    There are just some technical things I am not clear about, if I may ask You.
    I am not American, I live in Europe, I have UK based company in London, LTD company.
    Q1:-Can I purchase it by mine business account debit card //or should I use my personal checking account debit card// and also if I can operate this work paperwise in the name of a copmany as a business person.
    Q2 -You say payments are made by checks. can that be done from bank to bank.Reason for that is my bank is located in London,UK only.But I not saying receiving checks is problem.Thank You for quick reply.Best Regards Lukas Baldrian

    • Hi Lukas
      You may purchase with whatever credit card you see fit to use. You would need to ask your accountant about if Locator Gold is considered a business expense. I don’t want to steer you wrong.
      Payments can be made via paypal if you are out of the Country.

      I hope that clarifies.

  2. It says to complete the easy step by step form with some basic lead information like owner’s name, phone number, and address.. But I know that it has to be a lot more than just getting basic information and then getting paid.. What is all required when actually finding a house? What other kind of information is required? I would hate purchase this product and you have made it seem so simple as 1,2,3 but in actuality, it is more complicated than what the advertisement makes it seem like. Also I would like to know, ”
    How long does it take to get paid from A to Z ??

    • Tory,
      It really is as simple as it seems. Searching Google for houses that are below value giving an investor a reason to profit. (we teach you how to look for this) – You are provided exact copy and paste email scripts to find any information missing from ad about the property – all basic. You submit this information to a one page online form. You get paid when one a houses is purchased – the process can be as fast as the seller allows the investor to close on any deals you submit. 1 week – to longer depending on the deal. Every deal submitted is considered by investors – located all over the U.S.

  3. Good Morning Tamera,

    I am interested in possibly becoming part of the Locator Gold program. It would be a good program that fits into what I am doing already at the real estate brokerage I work for. I do have a question, however. How are the deals structured between you and the individuals who find and submit the properties? What kind of written agreement do you have in place to ensure the locators know that the property they submitted was bought by an investor and that they will in fact get paid? Just doing my due diligence.

    Thank you very much for your time and response.


    • Great question Scott. I have personal contact as well as Non-disclosure non-circumvent agreements as well as know each investor who inquires and follows up on any properties you submit – who they are. I have staff to stay on top of what is happening with all deals both personally and through technology. All properties submitted track back to the Locator Gold member who submitted them. When they get bought by an investor the member gets paid. We do all we can to make sure and create a win-win situation for all.

  4. Hi, you say the investors are looking for certain types of property (below market) so that means a certain % below market ? I’ve seen programs like this that they don’t tell you until you buy their product that you have to get the property under contract before you can submit them ? I’ve seen programs like this that they don’t tell you that you have to negotiate with the owner about the price ? ask them about repairs, is it free & clear, find out the comps in the area ? Because I know we have to do more with the owner then jus find property & submit them ? Where does most of our time go into doing this program? because I work long hrs. If you can show me what type of form we will have to fill out with the owner I will have a better understanding about your program before I purchase it.. Can I have my assistant submit the leads ? $197 is that per year ? Sorry for the long questions but I’m jus tired of ppl just giving you half of what you have to do that’s why most fail with these programs.. Thanks

    • This program comes with training and most importantly a 60 day money back guarantee. It is given at a very inexpensive price per email and name. If you would like to have your assistant help you – she would doing so under your email and name. Most of your time goes into finding properties that are below market value. Re your other questions. I suggest your invest in it. Learn from the trainings, use it as much as you want. And if for any reason, you want to cancel before 60 days, you may do so. I hope this helps!

  5. Tamura:

    I have been looking for a way to get my business started and funded.
    How quickly can I start generating some nice cashflow with your system.
    15 hours week ? 20 ? I want to do part time intil I replace my current income and invest on my own.

  6. Can you please clarify your answer to Derek? I have seen the same programs. What’s worse
    is that you give them everything they ask for and they still reject the deal.

    Can you just give a yes or no answer?

    Do we have to have it under contract before submitting it?
    Do we have to find info on repairs?
    Do we have to make sure the property is free & clear?
    Do we have to provide comps?

    Your promo states “no negotiating”, “no working with realtors”, “no photos”, “no making offers”, “no paperwork or closings”. If that is true, it seems the answer to all is no.

    thank you

    • Do we have to have it under contract before submitting it?
      No you do not get it under contract.
      Do we have to find info on repairs?
      Training teaches you how to incorporate this in your numbers when determinning if a good deal to submit.
      Do we have to make sure the property is free & clear?
      No – no background of title is required.
      Do we have to provide comps?
      yes! This is important. Directions for how to determine are given in training.

  7. Good afternoon Ms. Aragon:

    Please advise if there are any other costs associated with the locator gold system other than the $197 yearly fee do we have to pay for anything else to be a member or keep the program up and running. Also, do you have a sample copy of the form we need to complete for the Investors Alliance HUB. Thanks for your assistance.

    • Hello Donna,
      There are no other costs associated with this program. As far as the form – it is online software within your membership area. When you sign up keep in mind you have 60 days to try it out and can cancel anytime! Go in and see if it is a good fit for you!

    • The price on shopping cart reflects current price. Today it is 80% off. We do offer payment plans if you would like to call my office to discuss! : )

  8. So we need the street name address and comps
    what is the maximum loan to value to qualify for a deal and what else is involved or required to submit a deal.

    I’ve paid over a 1000 dollars for a training similar and ever deal I submitted wasn’t good enough never made money back.
    I want to know what are the requirements of submitting a deal before buying

    • Dennis, I can understand your frustration. Locator Gold has a 60 day money back guarantee. If you pay the $197 and are not happy with what the result, you get all your money refunded. The main requirements are profitability and The simple training you receive lays out the entire plan. I wish you the best!

  9. Ms. Aragon,

    Like everyone else, several questions as well as a healthy dose of skepticism…..

    1. How do we know we will get the fee without having it under contract. An investor can “reject” the lead, only to turn around a day later and make on offer on the same property and save the $1000 bird-dog fee. Seems like some sort of “contract” would have to in place to assure the prospective investors don’t cut the bird-dog out and scoop up lead.

    2. How are you going to estimate repair costs if you never see the property?

    3. What if the same property is submitted by 2 (or more) bird-dogs? Who gets the finders fee?

    4. How much is the program and/or subscription fee after the first year?

    5. Is there a fee or monthly/yearly subscription to Alliance HUB?


    Best regards,

    • Great questions Jim!
      1. I have NCND signed by all investors receiving leaves from the HUB as well as personal relationships with all of them. THey are likely not to burn their bridges as great leads are brought to them here.
      2. Training provides directions for how to do estimate on property. I very seldom see a property before making an offer.
      3. Training provides directions for rehab estimates
      4. As long as you are actively submitting properties into the HUB you will not be charged after the first year. If you are not active, you will receive an option to renew or cancel.
      5. No

      60 day money back guarantee. You can use everything in the system, and cancel for any reason prior to 60 days from signing up.

      Hope this helps!

  10. If we are not required to negotiate with the sellers, what difference does it make if I incorporate repairs? The sellers price is their price. It seems an accepted deal would include a seller who is extremely desperate to sell, which would wind up being looking for a needle in a haystack. If I bought the program along with the FSBO Deal Digger, and utilized it 5 hours a day, what are the percentages of me submitting a successful deal per month?

    • Hi Greg
      Great question!
      I teach a system in my personal coaching where followongbthe script you can make 7 calls a day. Reach a couple live people. Build relationship on the phone divining into the motivation. Connecting emotionally with people is key. Then finding from those calls 1 potential deal a day. Turning into one deal a week. This would be making 7 phone calls a day. Based on the success off this strategy. 5 hours a day should bring you even more.

  11. Some of the question still not answered anywhere. Skimmed over cost to market this to prospective sellers/buyers. 7 calls with and maybe one answer! You would need over a hundred calls a day to get maybe 30 answered and out of that maybe 3 would go for the deal if desperate enough! No stats on any success… just if it doesn’t work you get your money back in 60 days. I think this is a win win for Tamera and Investor Alliance. There is no way anyone will ever know if deals are not accepted and back door bought after unaccepted as a GOOD DEAL!… Just a lot of smoky glass sales marketing hype.
    Good day and good luck!

    • Hello,
      I appreciate your sharing your concerns. And completely understand how you might feel this ways. First I Want to say the training, contracts and scripts alone are worth the price of admission. Second I Want to share that I have tracked success in doing this for many years and found about 50% of those you contact will result in a conversation – which then results in 1 real potential deal a day leading to 7 deals submitted a week. This is only working this business 1.5 hours a day – including time to submit your deals to the investors in the HUB. Now if those deals were submitted and investors took only ONE of those 7 deals that took you about 10 hours a week, $4000.00 can be a very good chunk of cash with no risk and no out of pocket expense to you. One of the trainings share 27 ways to find deals – and many don’t cost a penny. I am not sure how I’d win not paying you or anyone for deals. I have a strong public presence and if I were to every get caught cheating my members (As you are illuding I might do), it would not do me or my members I any good. The more deals submitted, everyone wins – including members of Locator Gold

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