Get Paid $14/Hr (or more) to Search Google

Do you enjoy sitting at your computer?

Would You Like to GET PAID to Do It?

Does any of this sound appealing to you?
• Work as little or as many hours as you want
• Take as many days off as you choose
• Create your own schedule
• Make Money from home
• You don’t have to make any phone calls

Guess what! I have found a way to bring in a steady hourly income, while still having many of the perks that come with running your own business!

You want to know my favorite part? Your commute to work is a short walk to your computer!

AND….Most of it is done while sitting at home in your pajamas.

If any of this sounds too good to be true, I want to assure you its true! You really can get paid $14.00/Hour or more while enjoying lifestyle freedom.

And want to know what else I found out? There are companies looking to hire you right now!

You really can get paid to search Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. In fact, they need you! They need human interface to test what is working and what is not working on their search engines. To understand what a search engine does, here’s a short video to explain.

As you can imagine, technology can only do so much. This is why search engine companies pay for feedback from real, live human beings. These humans who help companies to evaluate their search engines are called a Search Engine Evaluator, Web Search Evaluator or Ad Quality Rater.

Here’s How You Get Started:
To get hired, you will need to take some qualifying online tests. Because you will not need to talk to any clients at all, most of these companies don’t care how so much about how nice you are, or how you dress and you don’t have to be super techy either. You just need to have a basic understanding of what it means to search the web, how to type, and other simple qualifications. You will also need to have access to high speed internet and a computer.

Once you are hired, these companies will give the training you need. You are provided directions and paid hourly to search the web and share your results. That’s it!

You are hired as an independent contractor. This means you don’t have taxes taken out of your check… and the reason you get all the perks I listed above. When you are paid as a contractor, you have control of your time.

Why do they pay you to do this? Because it is important that search engine companies provide accurate relevant answers to searches and the way they come up with these answers changes every day. You will help them make those changes for improvements by your input. For example, if you search for Nike but “Tennis Shoe Outlet” shows up before Nike’s website that would be a search flaw that needs to be fixed. Search Engine companies are happy to pay people like you to share your findings. Then they can take your human input and design better search algorithms. In summary, their goal is to create the most quality search engine as this will results in more use and more paying ads for them.

Now because most search engines will want hundreds, if not thousands of search engine evaluators, they use services of third party agencies. These agencies are responsible for hiring and paying search engine evaluators.

Here are 4 companies that will hire you to search the web and evaluate searches, (As well as a host of other at home positions). Most of them do hire internationally.

1. Appen – Butler Hill 

2. Leapforce

3. Lionbridge

4. Zerochaos

Would you like to earn even more searching online?  Watch this video to learn how to search Google and get paid $500 or more.

Go here to learn more!

In closing I want to encourage you to do your own diligence when choosing the company to apply and work for.  Follow this link to see reviews, current pay and other information about these and other companies.

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