Once in a Blue Moon…

Once in a blue moon...
I made the front page of our local newspaper…
You will want to read more about this amazing experience here!

“Once In A Blue Moon…”

I have heard this saying many times in my life and never gave it much thought. However, when I found out there was going to be a “blue moon” on New Year’s Eve this year, and because I was married on New Year’s eve – I just had to do more research as to what this meant!

(Be sure and read to the end as the meaning of my story could profoundly change the way you are looking at life!)

So what does it mean when you hear someone say: “Once in a blue moon…”?

The current technical modern meaning is that it is a 2nd full moon in any given calendar month.

For instance this year a full moon occurred on December 2nd. Therefore, Dec 31st was the second full moon in one month which is a phenomenon that occurs every 2.5 years, (the next one will be in August, 2012).

However, the December 31, 2009 blue moon added another phenomenon. How often does a blue moon happen on New Year’s Eve?

I found out the 2009 New Year’s Eve blue moon is the first since 1990. Another won’t roll around for another 19 years.  That means we won’t see it again on New Year’s Eve till 2028!

And do you know the saying “once in a blue moon” first started being used in 1528, (See P.S. at end the end of this article for details), and had nothing to do with today’s meaning of this saying? In fact, in the last 500 years, that saying has evolved from a totally different meaning to what it denotes today.

The saying, “Once in a blue moon” started out to mean something that is likely to never happen but has since evolved to mean something which happens every now and then.

So I bet your asking yourself, “Where is Tamera going with this?”
Hang in there – I’m almost to the end…You see, I had something happen to me that would happen  literally only “once in a blue moon” ….taking on the original “never will happen again” meaning.

Here’s what happened:

At approx 7pm, PST on Jan 31st, my husband and I were clapping, hooting and hollering with a group of people excited about the unique 2009 New Years Eve beautiful blue moon,  (yes – it even looked blue), as it came out in full view while playing hide and seek with us and the rain clouds.  It was beautiful, perfect and round at this very special time and date.  You see, this 13th blue moon made this night’s limited appearance, (due to rain clouds), on our 13th year wedding anniversary right at the hour we were saying our vows 13 years ago.   And to top it off, by chance, a very nice reporter and wonderful photographer for our local newspaper, The Record in Stockton, CA was looking for a story on this blue moon.  We happened to be standing right next to them on the top of a very old remodeled building with the most beautiful view of Stockton’s city and marina…  when this moon came out of hiding creating a halo for the white dome at the peak of this building.  They overheard us talking about our anniversary, and we ended up being interviewed and photographed for the newspaper. All of these small coincidences created our very own “once in a blue moon” circumstance – right under a blue moon!

We woke up the next morning to several congratulatory text, email and voice messages celebrating the wonderful front page, (yes, front page) huge article on New Year’s day morning…. You can read the internet version of this news article here:


Isn’t life great!

Here’s the moral of the story… (besides how fun life can be if you’re out there in it!)

Today’s real estate market is a once in a blue moon circumstance just like the one I had on New Year’s Eve.  Have you thought about this? Today’s market is very likely NOT going to happen in again in our lifetime. Properties are on sale and cash flowing where they have not been in years.  Buyers are receiving gifts from the government for buying properties.  And sellers have a flood of houses to choose from being sold at a discount. (Short sales or REO’s anyone?)

Don’t be like so many of my friends and acquaintances who let this year’s blue moon experience pass them by.  Get up, get moving, set your goals –make a clear path and stick to it til you get there!  I am here to help if you need me… www.CoachingU2Profits.com I have everything you need to do it.  My program starts out with goal setting and it’s only up from there! I’m offering a sneak peak at this system for only $1.00!  If $1.00 is too much for you to check it out what I believe to be the most intensive real estate coaching training program out there today, then real estate investing is definitely not for you.  As you might already know,  it takes some risk. It takes stepping out and taking some chances. It takes action. It takes a little work.  But, keep this in mind… the blue moon is happening with or without you.  I may or may not be there in 2028 when the next New Years Eve Blue moon occurs.  But, either way, it is going to happen.

This market is offering so many opportunities and that is happening whether you choose to participate or not. I promise you – it’s way more fun to be a part of it, then reading about what you could have, should have, would have been part of … if only….

My future blogs are going to really be digging into the nuts and bolts of real estate investing, sharing what I learn and continue to learn on this exciting road I am walking called real estate investing. I was recently dubbed “The Flippin Queen” due to the number of properties I have bought and sold (flipped).  Of course, though this is true, the label is all in fun… and I am going to run with it.

I want to encourage you to start 2010 right. When you fail to plan – you plan to fail.  Take the first step to plan … plan to work… then work the plan!  And don’t miss out on this “once in a blue moon” real estate investing market.

It’s 2010
Don’t ask when!
The time is now!

Tamera Aragon

P.S.  Here is the history of the saying, “Once in a blue moon”:  According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the first reference to a blue moon comes from a proverb recorded in 1528:

If they say the moon is blue,
We must believe that it is true.

In other words, saying the moon was blue was equivalent to saying the moon was made of green (or cream) cheese;  it indicated an obvious absurdity.

In the 19th century, the phrase “until a blue moon” developed, which meant “never.”

The phrase, “once in a blue moon” today has come to mean “every now and then” or “rarely”. Whether it gained that meaning through association with the lunar event remains uncertain. However, this is the meaning most used today.

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