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I have put together many, many free resources exclusively for real estate investors. I use these often in my own real estate investing business. To access these tools, Click Here. After a simple login, look for the tab that says "investor tools".

Here you will find all that is listed below, and so much more! Hope these are as helpful to you as they are to me in my real estate investing business.

  • Buy a Domain
  • Closing Cost Estimator
  • Find Homes
  • Housing Trends
  • eNewsletter
  • Loan Modification/Refinance Qualification
  • Market Appreciation
  • Market Home Sales Per Month
  • Market Predictions
  • Mortgage Rates
  • Property Comps Websites
  • Real Estate Calculators
  • Real Estate Statistics
  • Rentometer Rents
  • History by County
  • Repair Estimates
  • Repairs Worksheet
  • Single Home Valuation
  • State Foreclosure Laws
  • Top Market Generator