Niches That Bring Your Riches:REO’s (Real Estate Owned By The Bank)


The third and final stage of foreclosure happens when no one purchases the house at the auction, forcing the bank to buy the property back itself. Remember the bank didn’t want the house back, but the property was the collateral for the money lent to the homeowner. The property now becomes Real Estate Owned, it’s owned by the bank. Go here to go to the beginning of this series.

Why is this a good niche to Consider?

  • Below Market Value – One of the prime benefits of buying a REO property is most REO properties are available at below
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Niches That Bring Your Riches: Purchasing Property From Estate Filing Bankruptcy

Petetion to File Bankruptcy

I am currently doing a series on my blog covering a little about each of the types of niches you could consider when investing in real estate.  Go here to go to the beginning of this series.

Purchasing property from a bankrupt estate can be a road to long-term gain. The process takes firm resolve and a large measure of patience.

However, today the number of bankruptcies is staggering. Therefore the pot is full of leads. Look at these numbers ….there was 1,367,006 bankruptcy filings in just the past 12 months and another 1,641,127 in pending status.

  • What is Chapter
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