Niches That Bring Your Riches:Buying Mortgage Notes


Mortgage notes are loans created when a home is sold. Private mortgage notes are funded by a home seller rather than a bank or lending institution. They are also known as cash flow notes, seller financed notes, owner financed notes or seller carry-back notes. Mortgage notes where the seller is behind on payments may be sold at a discount. This means that the mortgage note buyer (you?)  will pay a discounted rate for the loan to the current mortgage note holder and, in turn, will then receive all future payments made on the loan by the mortgagee.

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Motivated Sellers – The Key to BuyingProperties that Profit!

Niches That Bring you Riches

In my previous blog post, found here, you learned 10 strategies referred to as Roads that you want to consider in your real estate investing trek.

Next Steps….

Now, in addition to these strategies, you will need to consider the type of properties you want to go after, developing a marketing strategy to find motivated sellers of properties.  The following is a short list of types of real estate you can buy…

There are basically three types of investment properties to consider:

  1. Vacant Land – Land that has not yet been developed
  2. Residential –
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