How Do I Know What A Property is Worth?

By Tamera Aragon
In considering the price to pay for a property, the first step you must take is to know the ARV (After Repair Value), of a property. Of course there are other costs to consider in buying and selling but it all starts here…The value of the property. I know I get this question a lot… Question: “How do I value the property I am interested in?” I want to start by sharing that comps, or comparables, are regarded as the single-best tool in determining a home's value. Comps will compare criteria from recently-sold properties in a neighborhood,… Read the rest

Niches That Bring Your Riches: Investing in Expiring MLS Listings

I am currently doing a series on my blog covering a little about each of the types of niches you could consider when investing in real estate.  Go here to go to the beginning of this series.

What are expiring MLS listings?

  • Description of niche:  Contacting real estate agents with listings that are about to expire and make a discounted offer to purchase.
  • Why is this a good niche to Consider?
  • Working with motivated Realtor to influence a motivated buyer
  • Buying below market value – wholesale
  • What are the downsides of this niche?
  • Need to find a realtor that is
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Top 10 Marketing Strategiesfor RealEstate Investors Part 6-A FSBO’sTargeting Properties “For Sale By Owner”

“Being able to touch so many people through my businesses and make money while doing it, is a huge blessing.”
Magic Johnson

One of the longest proven ways to get leads as a real estate investor is calling on FSBO’s out of the newspaper. If you are on a budget and just getting started then you can do this yourself, or if you can at all afford it I highly recommend you hire someone to do it for you.

Why are FSBO’s good leads?

Often times homeowners who place their house on the market without a realtor ( FSBO’s),  are  … Read the rest