Take Control of Your Email!

I feel sort of weird saying this, but Gmail may not know if we’re friends :-(

..This means Gmail will probably automatically filter your inbox so you don’t even know when I email you! (Unless you fix this)

For example, when you signed up HERE to receive 10 days of amazing FREE Real Estate Investor Training, you would not even see those trainings!

And did you hear that if you have not used your Yahoo email recently, Yahoo shut down your account last week?

And what does it mean to “White List” an email to make sure it does not go into a spam folder?

These are 3 HUGE concerns I have heard in just the past 2 weeks from several people.  And since I really want to help you… and I can only help you if you receive my emails….I want to give you some tips that were shared with me!


Not sure if you’ve heard, but Gmail created a new email feature recently and decided to automatically filter your messages. That’s right – they will control what emails you see, unless you do something to correct this! (Even if you haven’t seen this feature yet, sooner or later all Gmail users will automatically have it.)

So for example – in the past everything was categorized how you wanted it.

But now, Gmail has decided to add a new feature that filters your email how they see fit.

Here’s What You’ll See in your inbox when this change is made:
Just above your inbox, Gmail will put your emails into 5 categories:

  1. Primary
  2. Social
  3. Promotions
  4. Updates
  5. Forums

The problem is, for example, Gmail may not know we’re friends and will automatically put the messages I send you into “Promotions”.

And the worse part? As long as my messages are in “Promotions”, you won’t see them.  Because “Promotions” skips your inbox!

How to Take Back Your Inbox and get emails from people like me when you want them:

For all you action takers, I have good news. When your inbox changes, here’s what you can do to make sure you stay connected to people like me when you want to.

Here are the 2 steps:

  1. Find one of my emails in “Promotions” and drag it into the “Primary” folder.
  2. A pop-up will appear to ask if you want to do this for all future messages. Just click, “Yes”.

That’s it – now you’re all set – Gmail knows we’re friends!
And now, you won’t miss any of my messages to you :-) or others who add value to your life.
Also, to totally get rid of this new feature…

  1. Go to “Settings” [the icon on the top right corner of your screen above your inbox] and select “settings.”
  2. Click on the “Inbox” tab and “Unselect” all categories but “Primary” and then click “Save Changes.”)

And that is it – your work is done.


On July 15th, Yahoo closed down all inactive accounts (accounts that have not been logged into in the last 12 months) and releasing them to the public to claim as their own. One man’s loss is another man’s (or woman’s) gain, right?

That means that if you have not logged into your Yahoo account in the last year, then that Yahoo ID will become available and could soon be used by a completely different person.

So if you are emailing someone with a Yahoo ID that has not been used in awhile, it will be returned to you… or in other words, it will “bounce”.

If you had a Yahoo ID that you really want to keep, even though you had not recently used it, follow this link giving you some instructions on what to do to reactivate your deleted ID.

That’s all there is too it.


Ok, so here’s the thing. Due to the growing problem of unsolicited and unwanted commercial emails, many web mail services (i.e. Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.) and email applications (i.e. Outlook 2003/2007, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.) have taken measures to automatically filter bulk emails. Sure, there are MANY spammy emails we do not want. I get that.  However, these filters also end up blocking many newsletters and legitimate emails in addition to spam. And my emails and updates are not immune. So these filters may incorrectly block my mailings, preventing them from ever reaching your inbox. This would be very sad as I have so much great information to share with you!

To white list any email, (especially MINE) follow this link to follow the simple steps to help ensure that your WANTED mailings actually reach you.

Finally, to sign up for my latest Real Estate Investor Training, Tips and Information sent to your inbox starting right now, go here! (and don’t forget to white list my email address after you do!)

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