I want to congratulate aspiring as well as already successful real estate investors who are taking action and the steps needed to move forward, make offers, get them accepted, finding buyers for your deals and cashing checks from the profits. I know many of you finding success in real estate investing today did not have support, time or money to start – but you found a way! And for those that are immobile right now – remember this – if they can do it – so can you!

If you are not moving forward in spite of your desire to do so right now, here are 4 ways to overcome the biggest oppositions people face when getting started in real estate investing:

1. Have you ever heard a real estate agent say something likeYou can’t buy real estate that way” or “There are too many offers coming in”…”Your offer won’t get accepted unless you offer high so don’t even try” . Or maybe your friends who watch too much of the news are saying “You’re crazy for trying”. Or maybe your attorney whose life is full of negative situations is afraid you might find yourself in a law suit and warns you “Real Estate Investing is too risky – Don’t do it!”. On and on it goes…. I assure you I have heard all those same words and much, much more. And their words shared, though often offered with the best of intentions, are just reflecting their own excuses for lack of trying or lack of success.

I want to encourage you to put your ear plugs in and move forward. These people are “Nay Sayers” and should be avoided like the plague!

I am sure you agree there is risk every time you put your feet on the floor in the morning that you will get injured, sued or worse – die. Does that mean you should just stay in bed? Of course not! Life is full of risks. You have to get out there and keep trying… you have to take action finding ways to overcome the opposition.

I read an article offered by a personal development company, Klemmer and Associates and wanted to share a part of it as I feel so many of you might have experienced the same thing…this article offers some action steps to overcome these huge obstacles (called “Nay Sayers”) and begin taking action to live your dream starting today.

2. Do your own due diligence – don’t just take other’s word for it. Keep this in mind… when you are offered “opposing” advice, ask for clarification on where you can read and learn more about what they are saying. 99% of the time it’s something they heard from another nay sayer and/ or something that happens rarely, if ever.

3. Take action today – starting with investing in a successful, experienced mentor or coach. (www.CoachingU2Profits.com). Having someone to train and coach you along the way will keep you moving when obstacles come. And from there every day take action toward your goal to be a profitable real estate investor.

Note: The average selling price in the city where I live, (ranked #2 in foreclosures in the nation), has increased for the 4th month in a row. Yes – prices are going up. NOW is the time. What is stopping you? What can I do to help? Contact me with your specific questions? Most importantly… stop making excuses and take action. You do have the time (we all have the same number of hours in the day) and you do have access to money. www.CoachingU2Profits.com

4. Where’s the money? Right here! Did you read this article?  100% funding is available for all your deals.

If money is your stopping point – please make time to read this article and know your options.  Your credit doesn’t matter and no money down is needed~! (You just need a discounted property and a buyer for it which of course you need in any real estate deal to make money). And if you don’t have the upfront needed get access to these funds…then I teach several no cost creative ways to invest in real estate in session 8 of my 6 months 


So, as I see it, you need to first make up your mind on this….and your activity will follow. You have 2 choices:

1. Choice #1: Give up….do nothing.

2. Choice #2: Do it… take action to move forward taking steps to buy and profit from real estate.

Which one are you going to choose to do?

I know anyone who puts their mind followed by action to making money in real estate investing can do it. If you’re looking for a bunch of fluff and maybe more CD’s to put on your shelf, this training is not for you. If you are looking for a step by step, thorough, no-nonsense, realistic, down to earth training and personal coaching to encourage you to keep moving when you want to stop and offset the opposition with you… that’s what I offer. You can see for yourself here: www.CoachingU2Profits.com

Famous Quote:

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds”

–Albert Einstein

Here’s a piece of the article I mentioned earlier written by Klemmer and Associates:

Don’t Let Them Pull You Back — Leaders are not victim to what others think


Years ago, a man by the name of Conrad Salas, who was raised in the deserts of New Mexico, was visiting Galveston, Texas. As he passed through a fish market, he saw a shallow pan of crabs outside a shopkeeper’s store.

Conrad went inside and warned the shopkeeper he better get a deeper pan or the crabs would get away. The shopkeeper told him not to worry about it, explaining that whenever one crab tried to crawl out, the others would always drag it back into the pan.

Although any crab could easily have gotten out of the pan by itself, none ever did. Conrad thought that pretty much summed up his life.

From his viewpoint, he had been brought up on the wrong side of the tracks. Every time he tried to change, someone would try and pull him back saying something like, “Who do you think you are?” or “We liked the old you better.”

You too, will face such crabs. Every time you risk, there will be someone trying to prevent you from changing. Many times, it is from those who care about you the most. It’s not that they don’t love you. It’s that they are afraid of losing you by being left behind.

You will be faced with the decision of allowing yourself to be pulled back in the pan or continuing to crawl out.

Obviously, I support you on continuing to change and crawling out. The good news to that option is that, usually, you pull a few crabs out of the pan with you.

Take 15 minutes right now and take an inventory of the people you hang out with. Are they pulling you back into the status quo or encouraging you to take risks and move forward?

It doesn’t mean you have to cut them out of your life, but you may want to move certain people from your inner circle to a more outer circle of influence in your life and spend less time with them.

Everyone has support groups, but we need to ask ourselves what they are supporting us in doing. Sometimes we have friends supporting us in drinking a lot or being lazy or in listening to negative talk.


There are people, places, and things that pull us back from our growth to keep us comfortable. Others don’t want you to change, not because they don’t love you, but because they are afraid for you or for themselves.

Action Step #1

Pick one person who is a friend you spend a large amount of time with that does not support you in changing.

Pick someone who lives at a higher level than you in terms of relationships, financially, spiritually, or the difference they make in the community.

Consciously reduce the time you spend with the former and increase the time you spend with the latter. It’s just like breaking a habit. It’s easier to replace a habit with another, better one, than to simply try to get rid of a bad one.

Action Step #2

Look around you in your professional life. Do you have people that are stuck in the old way of doing things? Look at your spiritual life. Do you have people that do not support your growth, because it scares them or threatens their power in the bureaucracy of the organization?

Do you have friends who don’t want you to leave for better opportunities? Find a group or form a mastermind that will support you in your growth regardless of the consequences to them.

Make it a great day!

Tamera Aragon

Success Coach and Trainer



  1. It’s funny that you after all spoke up! I have been waiting for someone to bring this out to the open! Anyway… nice post. I will be back.

  2. “The Great Escape!”
    Tamera, the following is my little twist on your story.
    I have lived much of my life “mixing it up, in the pot… with a multitude of add’l crabs. I, for one, was not bashful about verbally a-tuggin’ & a-pullin’ any would-be-escapees, right*back, into the ol’ pot. After all, who do they think they are… any way?! Besides, IF I were to allow them to escape, well-then, I would experience the guilt, blame, pain & shame of being “Left-Behind”!… (with my unfulfilled-hopes, dream & ambitions). I mean, after all, it’s better to hang-out in the pot, with my like-minded cohorts? Right?! Besides, living “The Great Escape” is, most certainly, is a pipe-dream and much too difficult to endure. After-All… I excel at ‘serving-others’ as an ’employee’. I’m quite good at supporting others as #2. Besides, getting outside of the pot would be getting outside of my comfort-zone and the stress would contribute to a high-BP and an early (_____) well, your know! I’ll just stay here, in this shallow rut, mostly satisfied with mediocrity… at which I will be #1, in my class. Ahh… the simple pleasures of a life lived*well. Ahh… I’m livin’ the dream… .. mostly.. . . .
    Thoughtfully-Shared… ..
    NW Home Solutions LLC (dba)

  3. just what I needed always someone got to keep moving forward you have been great I need this keep the good stuff coming

  4. Hi tamera I enjoy this article it were good resouce for me to take a step into my business as real estate investor as I look forward in take this in to the next level in my life .I do want to go forward in this business so i did order the order the course. I will set up the coaching session I just want it to be on day off from work so I don’t sleep through your call .I have check my schedule thank you very much God blessed you.

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